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  1. Hey Lucy, have you seen any phhorntialpy apps yet? A friend and I are looking into raising money and developing one. If you have any tips or can point out any you have seen please do so! Thanks

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  5. Picking up on subtle hints from other people is a must to be productive and successful in this world, both on the personal and business sides of things. Has there been another case where you listened to what the other person wanted and edited your negotiations around that?

  6. je suis vraiment intriguée par ton gâteau au pomme de terre mais je suis sure qu’il doit être bonIl est très joli en tout casbisous philo

  7. fenomenooooo, como va?, aca todo bien, muy buena las fotos y la data que estas tirando. Espero que no falte mucho para que disfrutes de una buena guinness y si acaso te sentis solo pensa que estas en bullet con toda la banda.abrazo

  8. Screw civil action. If Firestorm had ripped off her clothes with his bare hands, he could be arrested on sexual assault charges. That he used his powers shouldn’t make any difference — it’s still an unwanted “touching.” And his words make it crystal-clear that this is happening because of his powers, or that he believes it is.

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